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Low level depalletizer

Low level depalletizer

The low level depalletizer delivers low level operation and container discharge, providing the simplicity and convenience of a floor level machine. It’s used to bulk load cans or bottles made from various materials.


It’s fully automated and is a model suitable for bottling lines with production capacities up to 200 layer per hour (600 bottles per minutes).


We also tested all low level depalletizer machinery components using our buyer's product, to ensure the most proper performance.


There are several versions of low level depalletizers, with automatic pallet stacker or pick up devise, with accumulation table or without it, accordingly to the customers’ needs.


This solution is clean, the open profile ensures high visibility and the floor level operator station makes it easy to control operations and review operating data.


Our low level depalletizer is designed with innovative features to maintain a total bottle’s control during depalletizing and to build a long-term production.


This is the solution for bottle handling productivity.

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