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Flexibility, robustness, and performance are the most important requirements on palletising units when it comes to processing returnable containers. The depalletiser is a modular machine elements. All models consist of a basic machine, and dependent on the performance.
Our machine can handle, glass or pet bottles, plastic containers, tinplate, glass jar, pouches, and others kind of products.

Can depalletizer
Capacity up to 40.000 can per hour. This is a modular depalletizer to handle cans. It’s a layer depalletizer and it’s possibile to have... Learn More
Depal cartesio
Capacity up to 8.000 bph. This is a modular depalettiser with outfeed conveyor for bottles included. The bottles picking and release automatically.... Learn More
Depalletizer with layer push system
For the processing of bottles, glass jars, tin-plated aluminium cans of cylindrical or rectangular shape. The characteristic of the pallet to be de... Learn More
Low level depalletizer
The low level depalletizer delivers low level operation and container discharge, providing the simplicity and convenience of a floor level machine.... Learn More
High level depalletizer
The high level depalletizer is designed and built for high speed capacity lines.   It has a high-level discharge machine which is used to bu... Learn More
Glass bottle depalletizer
The glass bottle depalletizer with layer push system can handle all kind of bottles, independently of the shape or diameter.   The glass bot... Learn More
Keg depalletizer
The operations of keg depalletizer are carried out by sensors that check the proper execution of the working cycles.   We add to t... Learn More
Depalletizing solution
Our idea of depalletizing solution is to find a right combination between technical specifications and purchasing cost.   Using an... Learn More

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