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Glass bottle depalletizer

Glass bottle depalletizer

The glass bottle depalletizer with layer push system can handle all kind of bottles, independently of the shape or diameter.


The glass bottles depalletizer is fully automated and is a model suitable for bottling lines with production capacities up to 200 layer per hour (600 bottles per minutes).


This solution is suitable in case of frequent format changes for two reasons: it does not need any additional equipment and also because the height parameters of the product are set through its Touch Screen Display.


The glass bottles depalletizer, equipped with independent perimetric centring device, controls the pallet permanently, without releasing it, till exhaustion.


The centring system provides to align the rows of the bottles before the gripper head arrives and wraps the pallet preventing the accidental fall of the bottles.


The glass bottles depalletizer is equipped with an independent and rotating automated pad and top frame remover, with two separate magazines for the removal in automatic mode of both the top frames, from the top of the pallets and the layer pads.


This system works with a stationary pallet and a self-levelling depalletizing unit, solid support framework with two columns with counterweights. All movements are mechanical, motorized and controlled through variable speed drive inverters for precise and soft starts and stops.

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