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High level depalletizer

High level depalletizer

The high level depalletizer is designed and built for high speed capacity lines.


It has a high-level discharge machine which is used to bulk load cans or bottles made from various materials. We also tested all fabricated machinery components using our buyer's product, to ensure proper performance.


The high level depalletizer is fully automated and is a model suitable for bottling lines with production capacities up to 200 layer per hour (600 bottles per minutes).


The final piece of equipment has a hoist, a layer sweep, an infeed pallet conveyor, an operator platform and an accumulation table - among myriad other features.


All machine components are designed and manufactured in-house.


We also painted and powder coated this machine for a more durable, attractive finish.


Our high level depalletizer meets our client's unique project requirements and exceeded all expectations for quality, functionality and performance.

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