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Steady picking location (SPL)

Steady picking location (SPL)

The steady picking location (SPL) uses system vehicle loop technology SVL.


The pallets stored in a warehouse or in temporary areas are quickly conveyed and sorted in various picking stations sequentially, complying with the various criteria of picking reverse, classes stackability, FIFO / LIFO, etc. The pallet is then automatically re-entered in the warehouse, awaiting shipment.


The steady picking location (SPL), mainly integrated with an automatic warehouse to-stacker trucks, is set up as a series of highly ergonomic "work islands" (picking bays), equipped with tools to help grip, weighing scales, lift tables and computer stations.

Steady picking location (SPL) is mainly used when:


  • The volumes of picking average are lower than 4,000 packages / hour;
  • Codes managed (SKU) are greater than 300;
  • The grip is about 8/10 necks for order line.



Key points of the Steady picking location (SPL):

  • Picking operations extremely rationalized;
  • Significant increase in performance of the operators;
  • Improvement of working conditions;
  • Reduction of errors;
  • Limiting the time of order fulfillment.

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