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Automatically refilled picking (ARP)

Automatically refilled picking (ARP)

The automatic refilled picking (ARP) may be considered as the first level of automation of the picking. The automatic refilled picking (ARP) provides the automation of the refilling operations by stacker-trucks, handling systems and transport vehicles or AGV (automatic guide vehicle).


The operator in charge of picking (through the warehouse management system- WMS) prepares the pallet customer picking up parcels directly from pallets, which is located on the ground, classified and sorted according to criteria of stacked and/or spin class, etc.


The automatic refilled picking (ARP) is particularly suitable in countries where the cost of labor is not high; this system is suitable for applications in which the total number of codes to be managed (SKU) is contained, while the number of packages of picking/time is considerable.


The automatic refilled picking (ARP) automates the replenishment process.

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