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Picking technologies

The picking technologies are not only one of the most expensive and intensive in a warehouse, but they have also the highest error rates. We have advanced picking technologies in order to reduce the ditribution time, to facilitate picking and to reduce order fulfillment errors.

With our long-standing expertise, we help our customers to implement a sustainable and cost-efficient picking technologies’ strategy based on their item and order structure.

The different picking technologies allow picking operations to quickly collect the items in the right quantities. The different concepts can easily be combined. These are efficient, flexible and cost-effective.

Automatically refilled picking (ARP)
The automatic refilled picking (ARP) may be considered as the first level of automation of the picking. The automatic refilled picking (ARP) provid... Learn More
Pick to pallet system (PPS)
The pick to pallet system (PPS) is an evolution of the automatic refilled system (ARS). The advantage of the pick to pallet system (PPS) is an extr... Learn More
Steady picking location (SPL)
The steady picking location (SPL) uses system vehicle loop technology SVL.   The pallets stored in a warehouse or in temporary areas are qui... Learn More
Automatic pick-to-pallet system (APPS)
The automatic pick to pallet system (APPS) is the state of the art of intralogistics for the management of picking operations. It can always offer ... Learn More
Modular order picking system (MOPS)
The modular order picking system (MOPS) is the best fully automated solution, both for the case picking and the automatic preparation of mixed pall... Learn More

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