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Automatic pick-to-pallet system (APPS)

Automatic pick-to-pallet system (APPS)

The automatic pick to pallet system (APPS) is the state of the art of intralogistics for the management of picking operations. It can always offer the solution and the level of automation more suited to the specific customers’ needs.


The automatic pick to pallet system (APPS) is the ideal solution in the food & beverage field for customers who want to automate picking processes characterized by a number of skus up to 1000, large number of orders that require three or four SKU pallet mixed with good reproducibility (between six and ten packages/line).


The automatic pick to pallet system (APPS) utilizes a special anthropomorphic robot equipped with a sophisticated vision system that performs all the handling and manipulation different packages (cartons, bundles, boxes, etc.), taking them directly from the pallet and sources dialing the mixed pallet, making the whole process streamlined, efficient, simple. The heads of the robot is drawed to pick up several kinds and shapes of packages witohut any change over.


To reach a system optimization, the automatic pick to pallet system (APPS) uses a feed system pallet (Fast Rotation Storage) which ensures the correct speed to the picking operations and the robot manipulator.


It’s able to withdraw from the pallet in a single source cartons, bundles, crates, etc. and deposit to form the mixed pallet thanks to a system of laser vision characterized by high reliability.


Key points of the automatic pick to pallet system (APPS):

  • Easy implementation and management;
  • Scalability of the investment;
  • Reduction in space;
  • Efficiency of the picking.

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