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Palletizing solution

Palletizing solution

Listening to our customers’ needs and to find the best palletizing solution we have developed a set of packaging equipment components useful to fulfill every material handling needs.


This integrated approach allows us to work with our customers to optimize the productivity of their production lines and by addressing any unique production requirements.


Our idea of palletizing solution is to reach the right combination between technical specification and purchasing cost.


The economic justification of a palletizing solution is mainly driven by the achievable throughput (cases per hour), the system availability, the required floor space and the utilization rate of the complete production line.


A wide variety of containers and packs must be picked and palletized on schedule and with no margin for error. Following these highly dynamic requirements, we have developed a palletizing solution closely following the “Flexible” concept, a software package developed for complex projects.


Thereby, we are able to lay out ideal palletizing solution patterns for heterogeneous products in order to realize a more stable, more compact, more flexible product.


Accordingly to the layout configuration and the gripping heads our palletizing solution range can be from 1000 packing units per hour until 6.000.

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