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Pallet checking system

Pallet checking system

To keep your line and all the warehouse running smoothly, you need to ensure that your pallets are intact. Our pallet checking system carries out a thorough inspection to verify the integrity of your empty wooden, plastic or metal pallets.


The automatic pallet checking system can be installed at the end-of-line, both on existing and on new lines.


The pallet checking system guarantees an accurate inspection of:

  • Pallet dimensions;
  • Integrity of the main structure.


It’s a system that picks up the pallet and releases it on the roller conveyor before the check unit.


The pallet checking system is provided with a pressing plate to drive nails protruding from the upper surface of the pallet. The check unit carries out dimension controls (length, width, thickness) and integrity checking (upper tables, lower tables and presence of the 9 base sockets).


Pallets are checked, selected and placed in specific loading areas. When a pallet shows anomalies is rejected and placed on a particular roller conveyor, for further repair and subsequent input into the production process base.

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