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High level case palletizer

High level case palletizer

The high level case palletizer is designed and built for high speed capacity lines.


It’s a high-level infeed cases and is designed to palletize a great variety of packages including cases, trays, bundles, film only and display packs.


The high level case palletizer interactive PLC system enables operators to easily switch patterns.


These kind of palletizers come standard with remote diagnostic technology. Users can troubleshoot the equipment from anywhere in the world with the addition of an internet connection. Our operators can guarantee a remote service in real time.


Listening to our customers’ needs, the high level case palletizer is developed with a proven set of packaging equipment components that we can integrate to fulfill a company’s material handling needs.


This integrated approach allows us to work with our customers to optimize the productivity of their production lines by addressing any unique production requirements.


This solution is fully automated and is a model suitable for packaging lines with production capacities up to 300 layer per hour (for example, 600 bottles per minutes).

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