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Stretch wrapper

In recent years the logistics and methods for transporting goods has changed drastically. Palletized products undergo various stresses in handling, during which it is of crucial importance for the pallet to remain as stable as possible. In the wrapping sector, the stretch wrapper has to guarantee quality, stability and flexibility.

Stretch wrapper semiautomatic
If the number of pallets to be wrapped is limited, the economic solution to the need for wrapping is the semiautomatic wrapper. Pallet laying on th... Learn More
Strech wrapper with turnable table
The electronic powered device for releasing film is controlled by a tacho generator, ensuring a pre-stretching to 400%.
 The airtight seal is ... Learn More
Strech wrapper with rotary arm
The new automatic rotating arm wrapping machines with stretched film and top cover for palletized loads. The electronic powered device for releasin... Learn More
Stretch wrapper with rotary ring
The choice between the different wrapping cycles, the speed of execution and the saving on film make the rotating ring machines highly productive. ... Learn More
Stretch wrapping machine
The stretch wrapping machine allows you to wrap a highly stretchable plastic film around the pallet.   It is frequently used to unitize pall... Learn More

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