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Handling applicator

Handling applicator

There are 2 different kinds of handling applicator that we can offer: on PET-bottles and on shrink-wrapped packs.


The first handling applicator is used to apply plastic handle on the neck of PET bottles.


It performs the insertion of handles (PE) on PET bottles from 2 to 20 liters and it’s based on a linear or rotative machine with continuous movement. It’s the most appropriate solution to be installed in the bottling line, on the existing conveyor and after the capering or labeling process.


The output of handling applicator for Pet bottles is up to 6.000 bottle per hour.


The second handling applicator is used for the application of self-adhesive handles on a variety of clustered products.


On each track the packs arrive on the machine infeed conveyor and are then automatically slowed down. The adhesive tape is electronically controlled by motor-driven roller as a function of pack flow. Application of the cardboard (or other materials) on the adhesive is carried out continuously.


The handling applicator PLC oversees and controls the whole cycle and ensures a proper repetition of movement. It can also be equipped with a mechanical device (optional) that gives to the handle an arched shape, a must on certain products. Handle and cardboard alignment is electronic, allowing the machine to correct any errors autonomously via automatic repositioning.


The output of the handling applicator for packs is up to 120 packs per minute.

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