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Rinsing machine

Rinsing machine

Our range of rinsing machine is quite wide. We have linear or rotary rinsing machine accordingly to the speed required. Our output range is from 1.000 bph up to 60.000 bph. Our rising machine can handle pet and glass bottle. Milk, wine, water, csd, beer edible oil, spirits all this product required a clean or sterilized container and with our rinsing machine can guarantee this result. The rotating rinser-blower-sterilizer characterized by grippers with a symmetrical and irreversible opening action, which grasp the bottles by the neck and rotate them on their own axis, both in fixed and mobile nozzle versions, so as to reduce and optimize the space required by the machine. Thanks to the mobile nozzle, spraying can begin when the bottle is horizontal, thereby increasing treatment times. Treatment times can easily be adjusted by regulating the valve closing cams of the rinsing machine. Every detail has been designed to guarantee a high level of hygiene, making this machine particularly suitable for applications in “aseptic environments”.

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