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Bottle washer

Bottle washer

Usually if your company works with a returnable glass bottle is necessary to install into the glass line a bottle washer. Our bottle washer is designed for cleaning a variety of bottles and can be adjusted to satisfy a wide range of client’s needs and specifications. The bottle washer machine has many plus points, namely offering extremely reliable operations, easy and practical use by operator, facilitated cleaning and maintenance and minimum energy consumption. Following the main features of our bottle washer:

Capacity from 4.000 to 80.000 bottle/hour.

Bottle handled: returnable bottle with label (paper or paper + aluminum) or without.

Washing cycle description: 3 pre-washing bath - 1 soaking bath with triple cycle of immersion - 1 detergent jetting station - 1 jetting station for recycled first rinsing - 1 jetting station for recycled second rinsing - 1 jetting station for final rinsing.

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