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Turnkey bottling lines

Turnkey bottling lines

GBO GROUP has deep skills in plant engineering. Customers can consult with its experts to obtain the best solutions that allow them to save money and space without compromising on the quality they need to be strong in the market.

Whether it be milk, water, beer, wine or other beverage to be bottled the basic philosophy is to have the right know-how to design, build, install and test the turnkey bottling lines.


Whether it be of glass or pet bottles, cardboard boxes or bundles our turnkey bottling lines are able to always find solutions optimizing costs and spaces.


The most important factors for the success of good turnkey bottling lines are the ability to listen and understand the customer’s needs, a careful study of the project and the correct implementation.


The turnkey bottling lines achieve the goal only when quality, efficiency and savings are fullfiled.Our production range is from 1.000 bph up to 30.000 bph.

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