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Complete bottling lines for wine

Complete bottling lines for wine

Today, because of the competitiveness of wine producers, it is essential to present the product in the best way to convince the customer to buy your own bottle.


The importance of bottling is essential for each winery. So is important to adopt modern and high-level complete bottling lines for wine that meet the specific production needs. A high quality complete bottling lines for wine has the advantage of working the product in the correct manner allowing it to retain the unique organoleptic characteristics of each bottle.


We can offer complete bottling lines for wine, still or sparkling. Our production range is from 1.000 bph up to 12.000 bph. Our complete bottling line for wine into the glass bottles is composed of depalletizer, washing crates, washing bottles, bottles inspection, rinser-filling-capping monobloc, capsulator, labeller, packaging machines, palletizer, strechwrapper, bottles and packs conveyors.

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