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Complete canning lines for juice

Complete canning lines for juice

The still drinks, such as juices, tea, isotonic drinks require a special technology to avoid the products’ contamination. For this reason, the can goes in a pasteurization tunnel that eliminates all bacteria and pathogenic elements, ensuring a very long shelf life of the product.

We can offer complete canning line for juice into the can, with gravity or isobaric filling technology without adding any preservatives. Our complete canning lines for juice help to maintain the optimum quality of the drinks minimizing production costs.

Our production range is from 3000 cph up to 60.000 cph. The complete canning lines for juice is composed of depalletizer, gravity rinser, filler and seamer, premix saturator, tunnel pasteurizer or cooler, can inspections, packaging machines, palletizer, strechwrapper, can and packs conveyors

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