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Syrup room

The syrup room is the starting point for any kind of drink. The requests are highest quality syrup, the flexibility in the design recipe as well as in the course of control throughout the manual, semi-automatic or automatic preparation of the variants of syrup.
The basic components used for beverages may be in powder, liquid or concentrate. Suitable methods dissolving processes of mixing, heating and filtration steps constitute the basis for individual variations syrup then used in the mixing of the beverage. Soft drinks, fruit juices, still drinks, ice tea, flat or isotonic drinks, or alcohol-drink will be appreciated by the market if the syrup used was obtained according to high quality standards of the process.

Sugar dissolver, filtration, pasteurizer, deareator and preparators tanks
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Flash pasteurizer
The plant, consisting of one or, in a specific model, of 2 fixed-flow or variable flow pasteurization units. The heat exchanger plate is composed o... Learn More

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