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Hot melt pre-cut label

Hot melt pre-cut label

With our hot glue labeling machines, we provide efficient solutions for a perfect wrap-around labeling of your containers. Cylindrical, rectangular or oval containers, modern plastic or paper labels our machines hot glue never stop. with the new system of distribution of the glue (with spray system) saves not only many quantity of glue, but also preserve our environment.
Among standard equipment, underline the performance of the frame in AISI 304, the control of the machine through PLC and the independent motorization of the main conveyor and of the carpet side (cylindrical containers) and the upper carpet (shaped containers); the entry of containers is managed, as required, by worm-screws or carpets of slowing down. The control panel, built into the machine, includes a handy LCD display to control the production.

PRODUCT: beer, water, non alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, food, non food containers
CAPACITY: up to 30.000 bph
CONTAINER: glass, pet,hdpe, pvc, can,jar, tin and others containers

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