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Jar and tin

Foods are commercially canned in glass jars with lids, metal cans, or special metal type pouches. All of these materials are suitable for food storage.
Process of hermetically sealing cooked food for future use. It is a preservation method, in which prepared food is put in glass jars or metal cans that are hermetically sealed to keep out air and then heated to a specific temperature for a specified time to destroy disease-causing microorganisms and prevent spoilage... Highly specialized machinery, knowledge of bacteriology and food chemistry, as well as more efficient processes of cooking, have combined to make the commercial canning of food an important feature of modern life.
The range of products canned has increased enormously and includes:

Food 40.000 CPH
Capacity up to 40.000 cph glass and pet. Telescopic filler. Tomatoes (whole or in pieces) , Olives (whole or in pieces), Mushrooms (sliced or in pi... Learn More
Food 5000 cph
Capacity up to 5000 cph with 300 gr glass and pet jar. Highly reliable machine, suitable for filling dense and semi-dense products such as jam cont... Learn More

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