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Big bottles

Having drinking water stored in a 5-gallon water jug is convenient. Unlike tap water which you have to first have a pipe running through the water to deliver the water, a large water jug can be stored and accessed anywhere you like. At present, the water jug at this size is usually made of plastic.
We can offer several solution, from 5 lt up to 5 gallon container. For pet or polycarbonate container.
Automatic or semiautomatic, we can handle your big bottles business.

Water 5 gallon returnable
Capacity up to 4.000 bph. Automatic monobloc for washing, sterilizing, filling and capping 3 to 6 gallon PET or PVC bottles, in patterns from 2 to ... Learn More
Water non returnable
It is made up of a first filling section with three filling valves equipped with magnetic flow meters, the pressure closure capping section and the... Learn More

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