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Pallet stacker cranes high rise

Pallet stacker cranes high rise

The pallet stacker cranes high rise are designed and built for any need of vertical automatic warehouse, in order to store different types of loading units. The pallet stacker cranes high rise pick and deliver unit loads to and from storage lanes, inside aisles of rack. First, loads are picked from the various storage lanes then, delivered to drop off stations.


The pallet stacker cranes high rise are equipped with one or more of the drop off stations suitable to different loading units. They provide completely automatic, safe and fast movements.


They are designed also for the automated storage of materials. The unit load stacker cranes travel along the aisles of the warehouse, moving materials. The stacker cranes are managed by a MSS (management software system); a system that coordinates all activities.


The range of pallet stacker cranes high rise adapts easily to the needs of each warehouse in terms of loading capacity, size, building height and cycle times. With our offer, we are able to cover a wide range of applications.


Key point:

  • Automating tasks of IN / OUT of the product;
  • Updates and checks of inventory;
  • Deleting of any error during the manual management;
  • Ability to work in extreme environmental conditions:
  • The loading crane unit Stacker is a crane stock trees, high-performance, single or double suited for handling medium and heavy loads in ambient, refrigerated or freezer conditions;
  • Types of pallets: pallets, metal or plastic cases, frames and more;
  • Load capacity: 600 to 3000 kg;
  • Height: up to 40 m;
  • Single or double-masted;
  • Pallet single or double;
  • Horizontal speed: up to 4mt per second.


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