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Automatic guided vehicles (AGV)

Automatic guided vehicles (AGV)

The automatic guided vehicles (AGV) systems use a laser technology.


The automatic guided vehicles ensure greater efficiency and versatility, by optimizing logistics and by reducing the costs of pallet transportation. 


Using special reflectors inside the structure and through a laser-guided, the automatic guided vehicle continuously monitors its position and its path. It can overlay different distances, thanks to an easily configuration made possible by the inventory software management. 


The vehicle sensors ensure reliability and safety, being able to predict sudden obstacles on your path and immediately stop the vehicle. Since the automatic guided vehicles are made entirely of steel, they can also be used outdoors, in different weather conditions and can be frequently washed.


Key points:

  • Shuttles with recombination batteries;
  • Board checks that store paths, controlling the equipment of the shuttles themselves, manage security conditions and communicate with the radio system;
  • Battery charger automatic or semi-automatic with power take-phase AC;
  • Radio installed in a panel Electric fan with wireless interface for traffic management of several cars, able to optimize the processes of handling and diagnosis.




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